Some older windows with a printed bands, and a dot fade print around the edge, can suffer from delamination.  Delamination is not easy to detect but is often signified by a window panel experiencing excessive condensation.  Delaminating is progressive and will eventually lead to the outer panel detaching, often when the motorhome or caravan is being driven, potentially injuring other road users or possibly causing an accident.  Therefore panels that are starting to delaminate must either be replaced or made safe by drilling and plugging the corners which are attached by screws.  However, plugging the corners only securely attaches the inner and outer panels but does not repair the edge bond and prevent further moisture entering the unit and causing excessive condensation.


“I would like to thank you for all your help and patience, window came to day, window in caravan, again thank you”



Window repair

“Thank you for sending the repair kit as an temporary fix for my Motorhome window until the Polyplastic factory reopens reopens after the summer shut-down. I managed to drill the holes and screw the de laminated window together again without much difficulty. I really appreciate your help in allowing us to get away for a much needed break”


Motor home window Repair Kit